Love Book Bundle (Hardcover)

Love Book Bundle (Hardcover)

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This lovely bundle includes four heart-warming books. All of the books are at affordable prices!

Love From the Crayons

Celebrate love with the New York Times Best-Selling Crayons! This charming title featuring everyone's favorite coloring crew is the perfect gift for that special someone any day of the year.

Love from Peter Rabbit

Celebrate all things love with this charming little book featuring original artwork by Beatrix Potter.

Did I Tell You I Love You Today

Apart or together, near or far, day or night, from childhood to adulthood—the never-ending reach and power of a mother’s love touches every moment of every day, even when you least expect it. All you need to do is make sure to notice.

Deloris and Roslyn M. Jordan, mother and sister of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, celebrate family in this reassuring picture book about the many special ways we cherish those we love.

Brown: The Many Shades of Love

Mama’s brown is chocolate, clear, dark, and sweet. Daddy’s brown is autumn leaf, or like a field of wheat. Granny’s brown is like honey, and Papa’s like caramel. In this loving and lovely ode to the color brown, a boy describes the many beautiful hues of his family, including his own—gingerbread.