About Us


Kifani Press | Kifani Works was founded by sister-duo Ashley and April Foxx in 2012. We curate and create books, resources and professional development for a diverse group of kids and classrooms.

Ashley Foxx Davis
, Executive Director of Kifani Press | Kifani Works, is an author, educator, and artist. She fell in love with children’s books while teaching kindergarten and first grade in Memphis, TN.  She absolutely loves telling stories, creating art and, of course, causing mischief.

April Foxx, Creative Director of Kifani Press | Kifani Works, received her B.A. in Fine Arts with honors from the University of Memphis. Her award-winning designs have been featured nationally and internationally, in print and online. She loves painting in her pajamas while drinking hot tea with honey.


Kifani - adj. (Swahili) a similar thing, that which matches, a fellow, parallel, a match, an equal.

At Kifani Press | Kifani Works we create, curate and educate. 



Our Mission

Kifani, Inc. strives to be a company fueled by passion and an acute love for what we do. Through literacy and education, we hope to deliver products crafted with care, always with our diverse audience in mind.

• We will choose quality over quantity.
• We will bring “hard to find” to our customers’ fingertips.
• We will pair practicality (affordability) with passion (creativity).
• We will dare to do something different.

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Synergy