Deuce, The Second Grade Sleuth, and the Case for Justice

$ 8.99

Written by Ashley Foxx Davis and April Foxx 

Published in partnership with local nonprofit AllMemphis, Deuce, The Second Grade Sleuth is a decodable book. This means it covers the entire scope of foundational literacy skills for 2nd grade students. So, your reader should be able to sound out the words and read it for themselves!

Students should be able to successfully decode the story while also making connections to their own lives. 


About the Book:

Deuce, the Second Grade Sleuth, is on the case again! Deuce loves to solve problems, but this case proves to be his hardest one yet.

After serving at a local food bank, Deuce discovers that a community only has one corner store in the neighborhood where they can shop for fresh food. He and his best friend Tammy think a community garden might be just one small way to fight for justice. Will they be able to pull off their plan?